The machining of the re-designed Main Rod.

After much discussion, I decided to re-design the Main Rod following the prototype. The prototype drawings were found in the "Locomotive Study Coarse" books by J. W. Harding. This series books may be hard to find, but are an invaluable source of information. Using the information in these books I generated a 3D model and finally a set of drawings. For drawing information, click here.

The new design incorporates split bearings, made from 660 bearing bronze, and adjustment wedges. The wedges press the two halves of the split bearings together. As the bearings wear, they can be moved closed together by removing some material in the center at the split, and shimming the side oppisite the wedge, and then tightening the wedge.

originalmainrod1_small.jpg originalmainrod2_small.jpg originalmainrod3_small.jpg mainrod1_small.jpg
mainrod2_small.jpg mainrod3_small.jpg mainrod4_small.jpg mainrod5_small.jpg
mainrod6_small.jpg mainrod7_small.jpg mainrod8_small.jpg mainrod9_small.jpg
mainrod10_small.jpg mainrod11_small.jpg mainrod12_small.jpg mainrod13_small.jpg
mainrod14_small.jpg mainrod15_small.jpg mainrod16_small.jpg mainrod17_small.jpg
mainrod18_small.jpg mainrod19_small.jpg

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