Wheel Crankpin Hole 1



We designed, and built a fixture to hold the wheel to make the crankpin bores. The pin was threaded and mounted to a plate, and the plate was clamped to the mill table. The pin is a _very_ close, slip fit to the axel bore.

The wheel is mounted on the pin resting on two parallels and clamped down. Before the final tightining, the center on the lobe is centered on the mill spindle axis. The first wheel I used the scope, but I re-did it, and all the other wheels, using a center drill mark on a scribed center line.

After the center hole was center drilled, the first through hole was drilled 1/4". Then a 1/2" hole was drilled, followed by a 19/32". The boring head was then used to make the hole round and straight, and the hole brought to 0.605 diameter. Finally, a 0.625 reamer was used to bring the hole to diameter.

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