Major milestone - Chassis running on air
Major milestone - First Steamup

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I have not updated this site in quite a while, but that does not mean I haven't been busy on the locomotive. I have put most of the photo in sub-section called Picture Repository. I will format sections, apply some text, and put them on the main page as time permits.

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This is not intended to be a how-to article. There are setups and operations that could be used in your construction. Also, I have placed some drawings and some detailed instructions for some items here.
I started on, or about, Thanksgiving 2004. I spend Tuesday nights at the shop of Gordon Carlson. Great machinist and mentor. He is building a class C shay. See some photos at
I broke it down into major catagories, Click on a catagory to navigate to the detail page.
The Shops chassis_small.jpg Chassis
cylinders_small.jpg Cylinders
wheels_small.jpg Wheels
Picture Repository
Speed Handle for my Mill deltatrailingtruck_small.jpg Delta Trailing Truck pilottruck_small.jpg Pilot (Pony) Truck EccentricCranks Running Gear
Deerfield & Roundabout Railway Appliances Appliances Tender Tender
Instructions Instructions and Special Fixtures

The Chinese QJ's
Therese Kobel Plumbing

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